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The Real Key to Fast Weight Loss
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100% Guaranteed Way To Lose 15 to 35 Pounds or More in Just Three to Six Weeks – Without Starving Yourself or Spending Hours in the Gym!


"I tried many other diets but this is the only one that helped me get the weight off and keep it off. I lost 25 pounds without starving! And I have since kept the weight off. If you follow this amazing program, you will lose weight and you will feel great.”

- Edward LaRue, Passaic County, New Jersey


“I've lost a whopping 20 pounds in six weeks! And it’s been easy! In fact, I feel really good with lots of energy. I really like the way I look.”

-Nicky Swartz, NJ

From The Desk Of Robert Galarowicz ND
Nutritionist & Co-Founder of
The Fast Weight Loss Programs by
The Weight Loss Specialists

Dear Friend ~

If I say the phrase “lose weight fast” what do you think of – a harsh cleanse diet that zaps your energy and leaves you feeling like you are starving all day and night?

What if I told you there was another way to lose weight fast and keep it off ... a way that wouldn’t have you constantly battling hunger pangs or spending all day in the gym?

Would you be interested in learning more? If so, I urge you to get comfortable, eliminate distractions and read the rest of this web page now.

You are about to discover how a personalized weight loss program can identify your particular strengths and weaknesses and then provide a solution that causes your body to melt away excess fat quicker and easier than you dared hope possible.

If you’re mind is set on losing weight fast ... if you are tired of dropping a few pounds and then gaining them back ... if you are fed up with fad diets that don’t work ... a personalized weight loss plan is perfect for you.

The right plan will not only help you lose weight but will maximize your weight loss for a specific period of time and for the long term.


“In just four weeks I have gone down 3 dress sizes. Plus, I don’t feel hungry and I have lots of energy. I can’t wait to see my weight loss results in the coming months.”

– Rachael Greenberg, Bergen County NJ

Our Fast Weight Loss Programs Are A Revolutionary New Diet System That Guarantees To Help You Lose Weight Faster Than Anything Else You’ve Ever Tried

In the past anyone looking to lose weight fast would have to go on a diet where calories are severely limited.

These types of hard diets may work for a while but they are impossible to stay on long term – and the minute you go off that diet you start gaining back the weight you lost.

In fact, often you end up gaining back more weight than you lost on the fad diet – leaving you worse off than you were before.

Talk about a soul crushing experience – you practically kill yourself to lose weight fast and then you end up gaining it all back, plus a bit more. The experience can leave you feeling like you are a failure when nothing could be farther from the truth.

The real truth the diet companies don’t want you to know is that your failure to lose weight was not your fault. You were basically set up to fail. Nobody can stay on a fad diet for the rest of their life – you’d go crazy!

So What’s The Solution To Losing Weight Fast, Easily & Permanently?

How do you lose weight fast and then keep it off over the long run?

Well, the answer doesn’t lie in just drinking juice all day and not eating any real food. The answer also doesn’t lie in any other popular fad diet or celebrity-endorsed meal plan.

We live in the 21st Century. We are making advances in all areas of life – and weight loss is no exception.

Certain trained medical and nutrition professionals now have the ability to analyze your body and tell you exactly why you weigh what you do and exactly what you need to do to lose weight fast.

It’s true, losing weight fast doesn’t have to be the struggle that it has always been in the past.

Now you can drop those excess pounds without depleting your energy, without exercising for hours at a time, without giving up all the foods that you love.

And maybe most importantly, you can lose weight fast WITHOUT spending a fortune.

You are going to be surprised at just how inexpensive personalized weight loss plans can be – but before we get to that let me introduce myself and my weight loss service.

Fast Weight Loss Programs by The Weight Loss Specialists

Hello, my name is Robert Galarowicz ND. I am a nutritionist & co-founder of The Fast Weight Loss Programs by The Weight Loss Specialists in Bergen County, New Jersey.

We specialize in personalized fast weight loss programs. The first thing we do when you come to our practice is we conduct an extensive metabolic weight loss assessment. Utilizing the latest computerized body composition, scans, nutritional evaluation, urine analysis and more, we determine all of the following for you:

SIMPLY PUT, WHAT MOST DIETS ACCOMPLISH IN 2-3 MONTHS, Our Fast Weight Loss Programs DOES IN JUST 21 To 42 DAYS, INCLUDING 2-4 Inches From Your Waistline And 2-3 Size Drop In Dress Size

All of this information then allows us to create the perfect weight loss plan that will allow you to lose weight fast and keep it off. Your plan will be different than anybody else’s weight loss plan.

What works for your neighbor may not work for you because we are all humans and we are all different. Unfortunately, finding a diet that works for you can be difficult, time consuming and very, very frustrating.

We cut all of that expensive trial and error out with our unique metabolic weight loss assessment and allow you to immediately start losing a maximum amount of weight in a minimum amount of time.

So if you are tired of all the so-called “miracle” diets and weight-loss products that are out there that simply DON’T WORK ...

If you are fed up with FIGHTING and STRUGGLING to lose weight only to gain it all back, and then some, a short time later ...

If you think that losing weight means you have to be SWEATY (from exercise) and HUNGRY, in other words miserable, all the time ...

... then I urge you to schedule a free metabolic weight loss assessment consultation with the Weight Loss Specialists.

With Our Programs Losing Weight Can Be As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Initial Metabolic Weight Loss Assessment

As a mentioned earlier, before we place you on a fast weight loss program, we’ll discuss your weight loss goals and complete a full assessment of your weight loss health – only then will we develop a comprehensive personalized program to help you lose weight fast.

Step 2: Our Phase I Fat Burning Protocol

Here you will begin following your customized diet plan. You’ll take any necessary natural supplements and if needed treatments (such as b-vitamins, lipotropics, amino acids or hormones). We’ll also provide you with a personalized, time-efficient exercise program if you desire. 

Step 3: Our Phase 2 Protocol

In this phase, you’ll receive 2 to 6 follow up visits to make adjustments to your program to keep the rapid weight loss going; you’ll receive a healthy transition diet at the end of your program to stabilize your weight as you eat more foods; and you’ll get handouts, menu plans, healthy eating out guides and more to ensure you keep the weight off for the long run

Another important factor in the success of our clients – who have now lost a total of over 25,000 pounds – is the encouragement and support we provide.

You won’t be given a plan and then left on your own to fend for yourself. We know how difficult it can be to lose weight on your own and therefore will be with you every step of the way offering encouragement and support and tips that will allow you to overcome obstacles and continue to lose weight fast.

Take a Look at Just a Few of the Many Clients Who Have Enjoyed Success in Our Program

“I never experienced these kind of fast weight loss results before. My loss was very visible within just 9 days. I lost weight from the beginning of the program – and I lost inches even faster! I recommend this program to anyone who really wants to lose weight fast.”

- Melissa Dusand, Rockland, New York 

“I have battled excess weight since I was a kid. I’ve tried just about every diet and exercise program that there is with little to no success. Your program is different than anything I have ever tried before – and it works! I lost 32 pounds and have stayed at the lower weight for 9 months. Thank you for helping me feel better than I ever have before!”

- Valerie Latorne, Bergen, NJ

You Could Be Next!

It’s all possible when you follow our Fast Weight Loss Program.

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Our Fast Weight Loss Program!

1. Guidance & Customized Programs from Highly Trained Professionals

Our program counselors are trained and certified nutritionist, weight loss and lifestyle consultants. They listen to your needs, conduct an extensive metabolic weight loss assessment that gives them deep insight into your health and the reasons for your weight gain and then they develop a customized plan to help you lose the weight fast.

Your weight loss consultant will have an understanding and knowledge of every weight loss cleanse, diet or weight loss system and program available on the market. We can custom create any fast weight loss system and dietary preferences you may have or want ... and for any health condition. From gluten free, vegetarian, food allergies, dukan diet, mediterranean diets, etc. We can incorporate your preferences and food issues into a custom program that works for your body.

2. Tailored To Your Lifestyle & Schedule 

You need to lose weight, and do it with your lifestyle and schedule. That is why our programs are created and made to work with your life. Whether you can come into the office once a week or once a month or we do text message weigh ins, phone consults or set you up for a do it yourself home program. We customize your fast weight loss program to work with your lifestyle and schedule.

3. Saves You Money 

While many programs require you to buy specific (often high-priced products) with our program everything is included in one flat rate. Also, the biggest way you’ll save money with our program is that it actually works – allowing you to lose weight fast and keep it off. Other programs, like crash diets, don’t work which means you are constantly spending money on the next “big breakthrough” (which, of course, doesn’t work).

4. No Nasty Side Effects or Fatigue

Many weight loss programs, particularly fast weight loss programs, require you to take supplements with dangerous stimulants or medications with potentially harmful side effects. We don’t. Harsh diets also drain your energy and leave you feeling like a zombie. Our program actually boosts your energy so you feel great while you lose weight!

5. Our Program is Safe & Natural

Many weight loss diets are simply not safe. They require you to adhere to very strict calorie limitations and some even ask you to take potentially dangerous, unregulated stimulants that can harm your health (and even occasionally result in death). With our program, you take safe, proven effective supplements that are under the guidance of a weight loss professionals who carefully monitors your progress so that you lose weight and improve your health not harm it.

6. Our Staff is Always There for You

Too busy to make it to our office? Our staff can interact with you via skype, phone, facetime, or text to ensure you get the guidance and support you need to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

So How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Stick to our program and you could comfortably lose 14 to 20 pounds in as little as 21 to 45 days...

That’s basically a half pound to one pound a day. We have many clients who are able to lose much more than this. Your metabolic weight loss assessment will let you know how much weight you can lose in a time period.

The key to your success will be how dedicated you are to losing weight when you know the right things to do. If you really want to lose weight – safely and naturally – this program will work for you. All you have to do is follow its simple guidelines.

Fill Out the Form Below, Call Us At 201-728-4833 or Text Us 862-240-2410 To Schedule Your FREE Weight Loss Metabolic Assessment Now!!

A personalized weight loss program is your best chance to experience fast weight loss and get the lean body you have always wanted!

You’ll find out what foods you should be eating (and what foods you shouldn’t) ... what exercises you should be doing and more so that your body begins burning fat – even the stubborn hard-to-lose fat on your belly, thighs and butt – as fast as possible.

In no time, you’ll be wearing those clothes that you haven’t been able to wear for years ... you’ll be going to the beach with complete confidence in your appearance ... and you’ll feel much, much better about yourself.

Our Fast Weight Loss Program Offers All of These Benefits:

This Sounds Great But About the Cost?

As I mentioned earlier the process of going from one diet to another trying to find one that works for you can be incredibly frustrating and expensive.

We’ll save you from that trial and error by telling you exactly what you need to do to lose weight fast – this alone could save you hundreds of dollars!

We’ll also save you from the outrageous medical expenses that often arise out of someone being overweight. Remember, your odds of developing diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure all increase if you are overweight.

Think About it This Way - What Would You Pay To Finally Be Able To Say Goodbye To Those Stubborn Pounds of Ugly Fat ... FOREVER?

Think about how much better you’ll feel without having to lug around all that excess weight.

Think about how you’ll have more energy and be able to be more physically active (even if you consider yourself physically active now when you are lighter you’ll be able to do even more).

Think about having a thinner body ... about being able to wear more attractive clothing.

Think about how your self-esteem and confidence will soar.

So how much would you be willing to pay to experience all of that?

Well, currently we offer 3 to 6 week programs with costs ranging from $300 to $649. Those costs include supplements, support, everything mentioned above and even more that’s not mentioned above like beneficial handouts, food lists, stress reduction treatments, etc.

Plus, Our Program Comes With a
7-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Sign up for our Fast Weight Loss Program, try it out and if you are not satisfied with the results simply notify me within 7 days of your date of purchase for a full refund.

Don’t wait any longer, get the rapid weightloss plan that also builds your health and slims your body!

Fill Out the Form Below, Call Us At 201-728-4833 or Text Us 862-240-2410 To Schedule Your FREE Weight Loss Metabolic Assessment Now!

During the consultation, you’ll learn even more about our Fast Weight Loss Program for your specific body and lifestyle as well as how it can help you in particular reach your weight-loss goals.

Don’t delay, as you can probably imagine, we are very busy and only have a limited amount of time for these consultations ... as a result available sessions are scheduled quickly.

This is Your Best Chance to Lose Weight & Keep It Off for Good!

The Fast Weight Loss Program is a weight-loss solution that works for men and women of all ages! Sign up for you FREE weight loss metabolic assessment today and enjoy benefits like these:

Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today & Put Yourself on the Fast Track to Improving Your Health & Getting the Slim Body of Your Dreams – Just Fill Out the Form Below!

To your future health,

Robert Galarowicz ND
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The Fast Weight Loss Programs
in Bergen County New Jersey
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P.S. Maybe you have a wedding coming up or a reunion ... maybe you want to look your best for the winter holidays or during the summer at the beach ... maybe you are just fed up with being overweight and want to drop the pounds as fast as you possibly can ... Whatever your reason for visiting this web page today please know this – losing weight fast is not impossible, it can be done – and it doesn’t have to be a struggle either, it can be done quickly and easily with the right weight loss plan. I promise you that if you’ll try our personalized Fast Weight Loss Program and follow it properly that in no time your energy crisis will end, you’ll feel healthier, and you’ll lose weight – lots and lots of weight!

P.P.S. Remember our available free time is limited. If you want to schedule a free consultation and get started losing weight fast, I urge you to contact us now!

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